• Electromagnetic flowmeter DMH,Electromagnetic flowmeter

Electromagnetic flowmeter DMH-KOBOLDنیکان صنعت نماینده کوبولد،نیکان صنعت نماینده Kobold kobold agent in Iran,

  • - Brand: KOBOLD
  • - Product Code: DMH-1L50H11A23
  • - Availability: 2

  • Country of origin: Germany
  • Stock number: KSNI -152
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  • Apparent condition : New
310,000,000 ریال


Modelcode EP-H206R-1SS10 / UMF2-B14G0BK0

KOBOLD-Modelcode DMH-1L50H11A23

Process data:

Media Water

Flow direction left to right

Value 20 mA 62,5 m³/h

Process temperature 20 °C

Density 1.000 kg/m³

Armature data:

Material - lining hard-rubber

Process connection 2" cl 150 RF ASME B16.5-2003

Qmax water 62,5 m³/h

Nominal pressure of armature 150 lbs

Permitted temperature range 0 - 80 °C

Length 200 mm

Flange material steel (painted)

Material electrodes stainless steel (1.4571)

Earthing electrodes stainless steel (1.4571)

Transmitter mounting integrated transmitter

Protection class of sensor: IP 67


Mounting int. transmitter IP67 M20x1,5

Display and control unit integr. display-/control panel

Power supply 24V DC (±15%)

Output current output with HART®

current output 1: 4 - 20mA with HART®-protocol

pulse output: passive Um=24VDC

status output: passive Um=24VDC

Technical Specifications of Flow meter
Installation Stationary
Class #150
Flowmeter size 2"
Body material Stainless Steel
Transmitter type (Version Compact
lining of the body Hard Rubber
Measuring range Up to 62.5 m3/h
Accuracy 0.01% of Qmax
Measuring electrode material Stainless Steel
Connection type Flange
Earth electrode material Stainless Steel
Output Hart
I.P 67
Housing Material Aluminium
Power supply 24VDC
Display With display
Application The KOBOLD DMH flowmeter is used to measure and monitor the volume flow rate of fluids, pulps, pastes and other electrically conductive materials, without loss of pressure.
Explosion-proof Yes

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